Exhibition materials

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Material types: wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramics, paints, plastics, synthetic materials, binders, hardware products, textile materials, hardware accessories.

1. Timber:

A, hardwood: Willow, Phoebe, fruit trees (pear), white wax, birch (neutral). Characteristics, obvious pattern, easy deformation and damage. Furniture should be made to be veneered, and the price is high.

B, cork: pine (Pinus koraiensis, Pinus koraiensis) Paulownia, poplar. It is characterized by poor structure, poor resistance to bending and poor resistance to furniture.

C, synthetic wood materials: the exhibition industry is mainly composed of synthetic boards.

* Triple plywood, three layers of laminated wood (or called wood) interlaced overlay, often used as furniture side panels and decorative materials (pear, beech wood is so processed from. * composite boards, five PCs, nine PCs, used for construction and bending.

* Large core boards are produced to overcome wood deformation. Small pieces of wood are filled in two layers of boards at different prices according to the materials filled in the middle.

* Wood square, uniform 4000mm long, Korean pine 1 cubic meter compression board, particleboard (compressed from sawdust), density board (compressed with greater pressure and adhesive, pressure bearing, used for furniture). It is not easy to nail nails, and fear bubbles.

* composite panels.

2. Stone:

Granite (the highest hardness, fine patterns, often used as decoration), marble (hardness is not high, large patterns), bluestone, rubble, pebble, rainstone.

3. Metal materials:

A, iron: * sheet (iron plate), thick iron 2~200mm;

Thin iron 1 ~ 2mm cold-drawn black iron (black iron sheet, angle iron, can be sprayed), galvanized white iron sheet (anti-rust, can not be sprayed, there are patterns). Specifications, 1200x2400mm.

* Wire, angle steel (triangular, quadrangular), I-beam steel (large structure), channel steel (large structure), square steel, flat iron, 6000mm in length.

* Pipe material, pipe is divided into seamless pipe (high cost); welded pipe; thin-walled pipe, for decoration, minimum diameter 16mm. Square tube, thin wall (2mm thick), used for decoration with a minimum diameter of 12mm, commonly used 20mm.

* profiles, reinforcement, steel wire, truss (round pipe or square tube plus reinforcement).

B, stainless steel: features, no rust, toughness, strength, but high price.

* plate, white board, titanium gold plate, wire drawing plate, mirror panel, matting plate. Specifications, 1220x2440mm/1220x3000mm/1200x4000mm, thickness 0.3~2.5mm, commonly used mm thick.

* wire rod, round tube, square tube. They are used for decoration, and the price is high.

* stainless steel products, mirror nails, nickel plated.

C, aluminum: wider than steel, cheaper and lighter than steel.

* plate, rarely used, low strength, easy to oxidize and turn black.

* profiles, aluminum windows, aluminum doors.

D and copper are seldom used.

4, glass:

A, white glass, also known as green glass, colorless glass, 4~5mm thick, used for windows.

B, tempered glass,

C, ground glass,

D, embossed glass,

E, glass tiles, insulating glass, stained glass, mirrors.

F, glass carving.

5, ceramics: the protagonist of family decoration.

6. Paint:

A, paint, long construction period.

* nitrocellulose lacquer, hard, good quality, glossy, fast drying and high price.

* alkyd lacquer, soft, clear paint, coloured paint, dry slowly.

* thinner, nitro thinner, alkyd thinner.

B, paint, latex paint, matte, dark trough lamp with latex paint. Real stone paint, mimic rock texture, can make relief effect.

7, plastics: widely used.

A, sunshine board, hollow, flexible with a variety of colors, simple processing, limited by specifications, thickness of 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, length of 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mm.

B, organic board, transparent organic board and colored organic board, color limited to pure and tea, crisp, easy to dirty and damage, specifications 1200x1800mm, thickness of the thinnest 0.4mm thick, commonly used 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, unit price 60 ~ 70 yuan (the same as glass).

C, white organic board (film),

* milk white tablets (opaque), translucent, slightly yellow.

* light box, with a variety of colors, translucent diffuse reflection.

* porcelain white, opaque, used for veneering.

D, acrylic, transparent acrylic (crystal effect), color acrylic, acrylic lamp box (expensive). The price is much higher than the organic board, but the grade is much higher, the hardness is high, it is not fragile, and the light transmission effect is good.

E and plastic PVC tubes are lighter and cheaper than iron pipes. It is gray and white. It can bend when heated, and can be butted with elbow and three way elbow. The smallest diameter 150mm, the largest 500mm, commonly used 400mm.

8. Synthetic materials:

A, aluminum plastic plate, two layers of aluminum skin sandwiched between PVC plastic, corrosion resistance.

B, fireproof board, the thickest 2mm, commonly used 1mm.

9. Textiles:

A, elastic cloth, translucent, various colors, can be printed simply.

B, stretch yarn is more expensive than elastic cloth.

10. Adhesive: all-purpose glue; strong glue (stick fire-proof board, a bucket of glue can stick 3.5 boards, aluminum plastic board, waterproof) latex white glue (stick wood, avoid water); glass glue (stick smooth objects, strong adhesion, waterproof); instantaneous glue.

11. Hardware: nails.

12, hardware accessories.

13, inkjet printing:

A, jet-painted cloth: Polaroid (inelastic) up to 5000mm in width, silver carving; mesh cloth (mesh with eye translucent).

B, photo printing, machine small, the widest 1500mm, clear 720 points.

* film base, plastic, light box (direct spray).

* paper base, back glue, can be covered with cloth film, sub membrane, bright film, can be glued to the KT board.

Five mm plate


Twelve mm plate

Fifteen mm plate

Eighteen mm plate

Eighteen degree storm board

Fifteen PCB

Loading and unloading material part

Composite floor

Back glue

Double sided adhesive tape

POP paper

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